Current Development Projects

Hidden Pines20221130151204851

Hidden Pines Residential Development is a proposed 20 Acre,10 lot rural residential development, located within the cities RR – Rural Residential Zoning District. The proposed development is located at East Bethel Blvd/198th Ave NE and will be accessed off of East Bethel Blvd/County Road 15.  All lots within the proposed Hidden Pines Development meet the 2 Acre minimum lot size requirement in the cities RR - Zoning District code. 

The Preliminary Plat was approved by the East Bethel City Council on 1/09/2023. 

Elevage EB Second Development Plan

Elevage EB Second Addition

Elevage EB Second Addition is a proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) of approximately 66 acres which includes commercial, single-family, and multi-family components. The proposal includes 212 residential units and is located at 187th Ave NE and Highway 65, in a MXU – Mixed Use Zoning District. Mixed use allows for commercial, multi-residential and single-family residential. 

The approved 2040 East Bethel Comprehensive Plan requires a mixed use component in this particular area in the city, including higher density residential development.  Therefore, the proposed uses, including higher residential density is in compliance with the approved Comprehensive Plan and the East Bethel zoning code.

The purpose of a PUD is to encourage more efficient allocation of density and intensity of land use where such arrangement is desirable and feasible by providing the means of greater creativity and flexibility in environmental design. It must be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the City Council that a higher quality development will result. Some PUD design standards may include higher residential density, smaller lots, better architectural design/materials of home and commercial buildings, increased amount of open/green space and landscaping, and trails. Also, a PUD is a way to ensure cohesiveness of the developments in the mixed use area.

The Final Plat was approved by the East Bethel City Council on December 12, 2022.