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Posted on: May 26, 2021

Mosquito Control Activity Happening in Your Community

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MMCD Press Release:

Summer weather in Minnesota means we are starting to see an increase in mosquitoes and the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (MMCD) will be out conducting surveillance and treatment activities to reduce the risk of disease and annoyance in an environmentally-sensitive manner.

Each year the field staff at MMCD monitors and treats wetlands that breed mosquitoes with a fleet of trucks and helicopters. With many people still working from home during the weekday due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people may notice MMCD activities in local neighborhoods and parks.

At times MMCD employees may need to cross private property for access to check and treat areas for mosquito larvae. MMCD management asks the community to please stay several feet away from field staff and ensure children and pets are kept at a distance. If you have questions about mosquito control activities or concerns about an employee, please call the MMCD front desk at (651) 645-9149 or visit

Some of the activities that MMCD may be doing in your community include:

  • Wetland surveillance - determining if ponds or swamps have mosquito larvae present.
  • Catchbasin surveillance - pulling off grates and inspecting neighborhood catch basins to determine if mosquito larvae are present.
  • Ground larval treatments - applying control materials to a wetland with a hand spreader or backpack.
  • Helicopter larval treatments - applying control materials to a wetland via helicopter.
  • Catchbasin treatments - applying control materials to neighborhood catchbasins.
  • Setting or collecting traps - surveillance helps MMCD determine where and what types of mosquitoes are active.

The control materials and methods used by MMCD are regularly tested for safety and only applied when surveillance indicates they would be effective. They are designed specifically to target mosquito larvae or adults with minimal impacts on non-target insects. The control materials are not harmful to people, pets, or wildlife. For a complete list of control materials used, please visit

We are also excited to be returning to a select number of community events and parades this year! MMCD staff bring educational materials and interactive activities for all ages to our booths at county fairs and other community festivals and a giant inflatable mosquito will be featured at parades this summer. If your community has an event you would like Mosquito Control to be featured, please contact us!

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District appreciates your support. For information about our programs or for tips on how to reduce mosquitoes near your home, please visit

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