Windows & Doors - Change in Opening Size

In order for the City to issue a permit to install a wider window or door in an existing opening you would need to provide a completed building permit application with a detailed plan.

The plan must indicate the following;

  1. Type, size and thickness of the header.
  2. The span of the new header and also the new opening for the new window or door.
  3. Indicate if the header will be supporting a floor and a roof, or just a roof, or just the gable end (with the height of the wall above it).
    1. If supporting a floor and a roof, what is the total span of the floor and the span of the complete roof; or
    2. If supporting just a roof, what is the span of the complete roof.
  4. The total weight that will be bearing on the new header will be carried down to the foundation. Please indicate how this will be accomplished.

Plans must be submitted with a completed building permit application.