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Comprehensive Plan
The City of East Bethel operates under a Comprehensive Plan that guides growth and development in the community.  The plan contains information on land use, transportation, parks and open space, housing and the environment.  The comprehensive planning process, under the Metropolitan Land Planning Act, requires local communities to adopt comprehensive plans that are consistent with the Metropolitan Council's 2030 Regional Development Framework and its four "metropolitan system plans" - for transportaion, aviation, wastewater treatment, and regional parks (Minn. Stat. 473.858-.859; 473.864).

The Comprehensive Plan

Leadership and Staff

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Overview

Chapter 3 - Housing

Chapter 4 - Environment

    Figure IV-1: Generalized Soils

Chapter 5 - Land Use
    Figure V-1: Existing Land Use
    Figure V-2: Future Land Use
    Figure V-3: Proposed Growth Strategy
    Figure V-4: Future Zoning

Chapter 6 - Parks

    Figure VI-6: Trails and Open Space Concept Plan

Chapter 7 - Community

    Figure VII-1A: Water System
    Figure VII-2: Proposed Waste Water Treatment Plant Ultimate Sercive Area
    Figure VII-3: Proposed Sanitary Sewer Phasing Plan
    Figure VII-4: Proposed Trunk Sanitary Sewer
    Figure VII-5: Proposed Corridor Waste Water Flowage
    Figure VII-7: 2030 Residential Sewer Areas

Chapter 8 - Transportation

    Figure VIII-2: Existing Conditions
    Figure VIII-3: Traffic Analysis Zones
    Figure VIII-4: Arterials and All Collectors and Frontage Roads
    Figure VIII-5: Existing Functional Classifications
    Figure VIII-7: Trunk Highway 65 Access and Intersection Controls
    Figure VIII-8: Anticipated 2030 Traffic Volumes and Ultimate Funcional Classifications
    Figure VIII-9: Proposed Improvement Projects

Chapter 9 - Implementation 

Contact Information
Lend your voice to the process of how the City develops over the next several years! 

Participate in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update:

1.)  Sign up to participate online at MindMixer.
Link to East Bethel 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update
MindMixer is an online forum for residents to engage via the website and social media.  Create your login today, and let us know your thoughts.

2.)  Attend Planning Commission meetings, Town Hall meetings, and special Community Vision meetings.  Please check the City calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

If you would like to receive regular updates on the Comprehensive Plan via email, please contact Amy Norling to be added to the email list.

For additional information about the Comprehensive Plan, please contact Colleen Winter at 763-367-7855
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