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The maps and data available for access at this website are for assessment and reference purposes only. These maps should not be used as a legal description for any legal conveyance or transaction, or for designating official floodplain.

The City of East Bethel has been using geographic information systems (GIS) since 2006 as the primary means for producing localized maps, as well as for the preparation of many reports and other data that assists the city in its day-to-day business. Information is provided to city employees, citizens, and other governmental and agencies; thereby assisting city staff in making better decisions and increasing productivity.

What is GIS?
GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems.  GIS is an integrated collection of computer software and data used to view and manage information about geographic places, analyze spatial relationships, and model spatial processes.  A GIS provides a framework for gathering and organizing spatial data and related information so that it can be displayed and analyzed.  Global Positioning Systems (GPS), often used in conjunction with GIS static maps (paper or digital) - often a "product" of GIS, are not GIS.

New images available in spring of 2017!
The 2016 aerial photos of East Bethel are now available for use on the Interactive GIS Map.

Mapping Application
GIS of City Hall.png
Viewing City Hall and Booster West Park in the Interactive GIS Map.

This general web mapping application will allow you to view parcel and zoning information for parcels within the City of East Bethel, with layers such as zoning, subdivisions, addresses, and aerial photos.

Search for East Bethel parcels by PIN number or address, with links to more detailed property information. Identify parcels, section corners, and half-sections using the Interactive GIS Map. Use the map tools to measure estimated distance and area.

Can I get a plat book?
The Anoka County Surveyors office once sold a Resource Book containing information similar to a Plat Book. However, they no longer offer the Resource Book because the information contained in it is available online via GIS. To view GIS information for areas outside of East Bethel city limits, please use one of Anoka County's mapping applications.

Where / how do I get an address?
Addresses are assigned after a building permit has been applied for. Please contact our Community Development Department at 763-367-7844 for further information on applying for building permits.

How can I get a survey of my private property?
Staff in the Community Development Department does not do surveying, however staff can check the property files to see if an existing Certificate of Survey has been filed with the city. If an existing survey is not found, a new survey will have to be completed.  The Anoka County Surveyors office is not able to survey private property for the general public. A licensed Land Surveyor in private practice must be hired to provide this service.

How do I find my lot corners?
The City of East Bethel's Community Development Department recommends that you hire a licensed Land Surveyor. If you would like to find them yourself, you will need a plat or the dimensions of your property. Property corners are most often marked with an iron monument that can be detected by a metal detector. Please note that monuments may not have been placed at your property corners, and that monuments found may not be in the correct location. The best way to certify that the monuments are in the correct location is to have your property surveyed by a licensed Land Surveyor in private practice.