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What are your current rates?
The typical water customer can be classified into two different categories—residential and commercial each with a fixed and variable component to the cost structure. Please see our Fee Schedule for water and sewer rates.

City Water and Sewer

Utility Billing

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1. Can a leaking toilet really go through that much water?
2. What types of payments do you accept for utility bills?
3. My bill shows zero usage. What am I being billed for?
4. My meter was replaced and now I'm using more water. Is my new meter running fast?
5. OK, my reading checks out. How did I use that much water?
6. What are your current rates?
7. What can I do to use less water?
8. What should I do if my meter is stopped?
9. Where is my meter and reader located?
10. Who owns the water meter?
11. Why does my bill show zero usage?