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Why do I need a permit?
Some may think that obtaining a permit means extra costs, time delays, and unwarranted regulations. However, a permit ensures that proper services are provided to safeguard life, health, property, and public welfare. For most people, their home is their most important investment. If work is done improperly, such work can become usage for the homeowners and their families, as well as devalue their home. Realtors and lenders are aware that the law requires homeowners to have the proper permits when doing home construction. When it comes to selling a house, realtors and lenders often require that any construction work is done with permits to ensure that the house is safe for future occupants. If work was completed without a permit, this may mean that you find yourself scrambling to catch up with permits and inspections and additional repair work to meet minimum code standards.

Through the permit process, city inspectors will review permitted construction work and installations to ensure that they are done safely and in accordance with current state codes, local zoning, and building regulations. Inspections not only reveal minor problems that could lead to costly repairs, but may also identify life-safety concerns.

Building Inspections

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