Candidacy and Campaign Information

In Minnesota, candidates are placed on a ballot after they file for office. The most common way to file for office is to complete an affidavit of candidacy and pay a filing fee to the appropriate filing officer during the two-week filing period. 

In conjunction with the State General Election, East Bethel will hold its municipal election on November 3, 2020. East Bethel voters will elect the Mayor and two Councilmembers At Large at the November General Election. 

The term for the mayoral office is two years beginning January 2, 2021 and ending December 31, 2022. Terms for the Council positions are four years beginning January 1, 2021 and ending December 31, 2024.

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2020 Candidates


Council Member (at large)

Filing for Local Races

Candidate filing for city offices will be open on Tuesday, July 28 through August 11, 2020, between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. All candidate filings must be received by Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 5:00 PM. The filing fee is $5 and is non-refundable.

Candidates must be:

  • At least 21 years of age upon assuming office;
  • a resident of the district for at least 30 days before the general election;
  • eligible to vote; and
  • not filed for any other office at the upcoming general election.

Filings for the following City offices will be on the ballot:

  • Mayor (two-year term)
  • and two Council members at large (four-year term)

All candidates must file an Affidavit of Candidacy for office. Candidates must state that the name listed on their affidavit is their true name by which they are commonly known in the community. A candidate phone number is required. Affidavits must be signed in the presence of a notary or an individual authorized to administer oaths. Staff of the East Bethel City Hall can perform this function free of charge.

Filing by mail or delivery/drop box (to the right of the front doors):
East Bethel City Hall
Attn: Election Coordinator
2241 221st Avenue NE
East Bethel, MN  55011

Filing in person:
Please stop in at City Hall during regular business hours.

Filing electronically:
Candidates may also download candidacy filing packets, and email the completed Affidavit of Candidacy to the Elections Coordinator. The filing fee may be paid by dropping off a check in the drop box or by contacting East Bethel City Hall to pay electronically. Filings are not complete until both the affidavit of candidacy and the filing fee have been submitted.


If after filing you decide you no longer wish to run for office, you must file an Affidavit of Withdrawal no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 13, 2020. The names of all candidates who do not file an Affidavit of Withdrawal before the deadline will appear on the ballot – no exceptions. The filing fee is non-refundable.

Candidate Filing Materials

Campaign Finance Reports

Per the requirements in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 211A, any Campaign Finance Reports filed by Mayoral or Council Member candidates are available for public review. Campaign financial reports are available in PDF format. The years listed below represent when a report was submitted.