Community Development

The Community Development Department ensures quality development is achieved in East Bethel. The department provides for professional planning services with complete and efficient review and coordination of all commercial, industrial, and single family developments, subdivisions, signs, interim and conditional uses, variance requests, and ordinance reviews.

Planning Division

Administers zoning, subdivision, sign regulations, and the comprehensive plan. Directs development reviews, environmental planning, community development, and plan review processes. Visit the Planning Division page for more information.


The City of East Bethel consults with Hakanson Anderson for engineering services. The City Engineer administers the management, design, construction, and review of all projects containing infrastructure. Visit the Public Works page for more information.

Building Inspections Division

Ensures development conforms to building codes and approved plans. Call with questions about local building codes, building and occupancy permits, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and sign permits. Visit the Building Inspection page for more information.

Code Enforcement

The city code contains ordinances adopted by City Council that regulates property maintenance and many day-to-day operations. When a property is deemed non-compliant, than the city may send a notification asking that the property come into compliance within a certain amount of time. The City may send these non-compliant properties to the City Attorneys office for prosecution if they do not meet the clean-up deadlines. Please contact the Zoning Administrator with questions or comments.


The department is responsible for:

  • Administering the zoning ordinance, comprehensive plan and other documents that guide land use
  • Encouraging economic development and redevelopment efforts
  • Issuing building permits and reviewing building plans

Development Review Procedures

The City of East Bethel has several development review procedures in place to evaluate the community, economic, environmental, and infrastructure impacts of new residential, commercial, and industrial development. Development review procedures ensures that plans for property development and redevelopment are in compliance with all City codes, regulations, and standards.

Development Review Committee

The City's Development Review Committee (DRC) is available to explain review procedures, application submission requirements, and development regulations. Representatives from City Administration, Public Works, Engineering, Fire, and Community Development will review plans and work with developers regarding the design of a proposed development. To schedule a meeting with the DRC, please contact the Community Development Department at 763-357-7844 where we will set up a first meeting to get to know and understand your needs and be able to direct you to the appropriate department.


The plat process is done in three phases: concept plan, preliminary plat, and final plat. The preliminary plat and final plat process includes an evaluation of public infrastructure requirements, traffic impacts, stormwater management, and erosion control. Plat approvals require review first by the Planning Commission and then the City Council; the process for each takes approximately six weeks.